Photojournalism Website Notice

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This is a photojournalism website and publication here is a journalistic activity that does not require the advance permission of subjects. Photographs of recognizable people on this site have been taken where there is no expectation of privacy, in or from public places or on private property with the explicit or implicit permission of an owner. As a courtesy, I will remove photographs of recognizable persons in response to written requests.

Permission to Reproduce Images

Images and site ©2024 Thomas Nash or year indicated. All rights reserved.

Please contact me to establish pricing for permission to reproduce images.

By publishing without prior permission you accept a minimum price of $1000 per web page image,

$2000 per image in any print or electronic format or on social media (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Permission will be granted for most purposes at standard fees for premium photographs. Special pricing consideration may be given on a case by case basis for usages with potential direct benefit to the subjects of the images, or by non-profit wildlife, environment, and developmental aid organizations. I will charge an administrative fee of $250 per page for legal documents that require careful reading and signed acceptance, more if negotiations or legal advice are required. I will not agree to indemnify for more than the fees received for image use.

Information About the photographs and prior Publications.


Many of the images on this site make beautiful prints and are available for sale (except for those with recognizable living persons). I have a few in stock, but in most cases, I will make them to order. I can print up to 17” wide.  I use only museum quality archival materials (inks, paper, matting). I strongly encourage the option of an elegant ½” wide by 1” deep aluminum frame with ultraviolet absorbing Acrylite® acrylic windows. In these frames prints should last a century under normal interior conditions, without significant fading.

Please contact me to inquire about a picture you like and about  pricing. I can tell you, either immediately or after some tests, whether it will make a satisfactory print. Some older pictures are reproduced on this site based on preliminary low resolution (bulk) scans, and I would need to rescan them to get the best quality.

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